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Eclexia looks to the future by offering complete and customized solutions for broadcasters, OTTs and Media Companies. It is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and allows you to optimize the management, programming and multi-device distribution of digital content

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Eclexia adapts to customer needs by ensuring significant increases in performance

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Main features of Eclexia

Over the TOP (OTT)

Eclexia helps you develop a direct relationship with the public through live and on demand video on a global scale and to develop business models to monetize the video content. Through a series of tools, such as the advanced video player, EPG guide, recommendation

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A fully customizable solution that offers OTTs and Internet operators TV a flexible platform for any business model to increase subscribers to a higher ARPU.
The platform allows you to manage the ingestion of VOD video, live, data enrichment, HD transcoding, adaptive streaming, etc. in a simple and intuitive way.
It supports any smartphone or tablet, connect TV, set-top box, HbbTV, PC / Mac devices, game console, OTTV boxes, Chromecast and AppleTV.

Cross-device services
Eclexia allows you to offer a quality viewing experience by reducing the abandonment rate of users.
The recommendation engine, the integration with social media, Cloud Digital Video Recorder, Video on demand, Catch-up and much more help users find the content they love.
Create a personalized experience for each spectator and offer a consistent and high-quality cross-device experience allows users to enjoy their own favorite content wherever they go.

Over the TOP (OTT)
Create a direct relationship with the public through live and on demand video on a global scale and develop business models to monetize video content.
Through a series of tools, such as the advanced video player, EPG guide, recommendation, pay per view services, data analysis, advertising management, VOD, SVOD, live streaming, AVOD integration and much more it is possible to develop highly profitable OTTV services.

Artificial intelligence applied to the media world

Eclexia integrates the potential of cognitive services
which allow customers to take advantage of the benefits of machine learning and the use of new intelligent functions, such as the face and emotion recognition

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Promote a natural and contextual interaction with tools that can improve the video experiences of users with advanced artificial intelligence based on Machine learning.

Cognitive services
Eclexia integrates the potential of cognitive services that allow customers to take advantage of the benefits of machine learning and the use of new intelligent functions, like faces and emotions recognition, speech recognition, speech translation and dynamic creation of subtitles and much more.
State-of-the-art image processing algorithms help you automatically moderate content and to create more customized video applications and services thanks to the ability to generate intelligent detailed information from faces, images and emotions. 

Facial detection
Detects human faces in video content using boxes for faces and facial attributes, including references, attitudes and predictions of facial attributes based on Machine Learning.
Such as checking whether two faces belong to the same person or not through the trust score or find the specific person to which a face belongs, based on the personal and facial data provided by the user.

Content protection, DRM

Eclexia offers several video content protection solutions, some of which can be used jointly.
DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions protect video content through encrypting data by providing unlocking codes…

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Content protection, security and digital rights management with the best DRM encryption solutions guaranteed by the Microsoft PlayReady suite and others on any device: Apple, Android, Microsoft, Connect TV, Web.
Eclexia offers several video content protection solutions, some of which can be used jointly. 

DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions protect video content through data encryption, providing unlocking codes according to the license criteria. When video content is loaded into eclexia, the security system contacts a license server and obtains permission to play the video.
A totally transparent operation for the end user. 

DRM Multi-Platform
Eclexia supports several DRM formats, including Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay, allowing the development of premium services on any device. 

License management and DRM application
Through the DRM module it is possible to manage the license delivery for each single DRM used.
It is also possible to customize each single video and / or cluster of content video different policies. This allows you to limit video in clear playback on unsafe devices or to restrict playback to certain devices.

TV everywhere (TVE)

Eclexia is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, this allows it to optimize multiple devices management, programming and distribution. With Eclexia you can get your content all over the world

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The complete solution to maximize revenues, distribute VOD, SVOD and Live streaming for OTT and broadcasters

 TV everywhere (TVE)
Eclexia offers both “turnkey” solutions and customized solutions for the creation of an end-to-end OTTV service with advanced monetization, social interaction and personalization tools.
An extraordinary tool that allows you to extend the classic models of television distribution on any device and to create personal experiences and social pay TV on multiple devices with Live content, VOD, catchup TV, cloud digital video recorder and much more.

Maximize the revenues

Eclexia is a totally customizable solution for broadcasters and OTTs which allows to increase ARPU and subscribers to VOD, SVOD services

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Eclexia is a totally customizable solution for broadcasters, telco and OTT operators which allows to increase ARPU and subscribers to VOD, SVOD services.
Regardless of the type of business model used, the platform is able to develop it by increasing added value and interactivity on classic video distribution services.

Live management

Microsoft Software video service, encoding multimedia services of Microsoft Azure (AMS), Eclexia offers the opportunity to insert, preview, file and provide content in live streaming

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Distribution of social sharing services, in-stream advertising, adaptation of the transmission speed based on connection, audience analysis and live encoding.
The platform allows to maximize the value of live events through the Eclexia live streaming module, which offers a simple and intuitive user experience, in addition to a series of functions to make video distribution interactive and linear.
Eclexia allows to use tools such as cloud transcoding, data analysis in real time and real time subtitles on any device. Through the CMS video the live content can be edit by getting VODs that can be stored directly in the library through the integrated import.
Eclexia live cloud uses the best conversion algorithms for the distribution multi-format and multi bitrate to individual devices.

Integrated with the main encoding services
The platform offers the possibility to broadcast live anywhere, using any RTMP or RTSP encoder, including Wirecast, FMLE, Teradek, Harmonica, Digital Rapids, Elemental, in addition to the transmission from mobile devices.

Conversion Live-to-VOD and Live Clipping
A simple management interface allows to crop clips from live events to be transformed into VOD, so as it allows to edit the clip even when the event is still underway.

Safe and scalable distribution
The Eclexia content delivery network provides for the distribution of videos with a scalable and safe infrastructure. Eclexia offers high-quality videos to an unlimited number of users, in any geographical position, on any device.
Customers can integrate their CDN and/or use the infrastructure Eclexia.

It can be integrated with digital signage systems

The digital signage platform for video distribution on all types of devices such as connect TV, PC monitor, video wall, tablet, smartphone

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Eclexia is a powerful server-based tool that allows planning, management and distribution of Digital signage content.
The platform is compatible with a wide range of broadcastable content such as news, weather forecast, playlist video, stock market trend in real time, social network and much more; with features and customizations that are modulated and integrated following the customer’s needs. 

User management
Workflows can be managed for creation, approval and publication of the content by setting different permissions to predefined user areas.
User groups or subgroups can be created with differentiated management permissions, grouped by geographical areas or other types of filters totally customizable.

Device Management
It is possible to create, group and manage all the details of the individual devices or a specific subgroup, in addition to dividing each display, or a group of display, based on customizable criteria such as type of device, geographical area of reference etc.
Eclexia guarantees the compatibility with most types of screens, such as monitors, TVs, video walls, ATMs, totems etc.

Template Management
Eclexia allows to associate a specific layout with templates among those available by default. These can be customized and modelled specifically for the individual needs expressed by the customer.


The advanced analysis technologies available on Eclexia and the authomatic reports provide the complete vision to manage content successfully

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A suite dedicated to the world of big data and analytics for the world of video. Examine the performance of content and the user behaviour.

Big data video analysis
The advanced analysis technologies available on Eclexia and the automatic reports provide the complete vision to manage content successfully.
It is possible to use the predefined reports to get business information, understand user trends and if the strategies of content exhibit have produced the expected results. If you are already using an analysis tool or audience measurement, you can still take advantage of the Eclexia plug-in for reinforcing the data.

Below some examples of available reports:

  • Content of greatest interest: find out which are the most watched contents and which videos are of least interest.
  • Content drop-off: what are the videos that the users watch until the end? What are those that abandon and at what point?
  • Content Interaction: videos produce the correct users’ involvement? It allows you to monitor the active behaviour such as sharing, downloading, and much more.
  • Geographical distribution: identify the precise users’ localization
  • Top Syndication: find out the main referrers who played the videos in order to optimize the management resources.
  • Content contributions: for the websites with collaborative and UGC-based models, it allows you to find out which users are uploading more content and from which sources.
  • User based reports: it allows you to examine a list of users who have watched some specific videos.
  • System reports: further information about how users interact with the content on different platforms (desktops, laptops, game-consoles, etc.), operating systems and browsers.
  • Live analysis: it allows you to monitor events in real time and compare historical data to identify and resolve any problems.

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