Video syndication

Video distribution and social media

eclexia video syndication service allows you to automatically update the video content on multiple distribution channels like YouTube, using syndication or RSS tools to spread the distribution.


    Video syndication

    Helping publishers to enhance their online assets by introducing a strategy based on video advertising, avoiding to bear the costs and providing a tool that allows you to get revenues.

    The integration of the player is universal and developed in HTML5. The video player is available for any device (smartphone, tablet, Connect TV, web) customisable on the platform.

    eclexia is able to handle advertising in pre-roll mode, insert, video banner, overlay and integration with Ad Server market and payment systems, ensuring to the advertisers to reach a targeted audience with a rich video experience.

    The functionality of video syndication in eclexia automatically updates video content on multiple distribution channels like YouTube, using the tools syndication or RSS to spread the distribution.

    With eclexia, you can customise the video player that can be shared on other sites using the embedded codes. The player can be displayed on any device and can be dynamically updated with new content based on pre-configured rules.

    eclexia facilitates viral videos. With a single link, users can easily share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the most important social networks. Users can also post on any website or blog through the embedded HTML code.