Digital signage

Deliver content and video in digital signage

eclexia is a powerful server-based tool that allows the planning, management and distribution of content in digital signage.


    The platform is compatible with a wide range of communicable content such as news, weather forecasts, video playlist, stock market trends in real time, social network and so much more; with functionality and customisations that are modulated and integrated according to the customer's needs.

    Users management

    They can be managed workflow for the creation, approval and publication of the content by setting different authorisations to predefined areas of users.

    It is possible to create groups or subgroups of users with different management authorisations, gathering by geographical areas or other types of fully customisable filters.

    Devices management

    It is possible to create, gather and manage all the details of the single devices or of a specific subgroup, and, in addition, to split each display, or a group of displays, based on customisable criteria such as device type, reference geographical area etc.

    eclexia ensures compatibility with most of the types of displays such as monitors, TV, videowall, ATM, totem, etc

    Template management

    eclexia allows to associate a given layout to the templates among those available by default. These can be customised and shaped to fit the individual needs expressed by the customer.