Cognitive services

Machine learning and A.I.

Foster a natural and contextual interaction with tools that improve users video experience with artificial intelligence based on machine learning. A series of powerful algorithm oriented to vision, voice synthesis, language and knowledge.


    Cognitive services

    eclexia integrates the potential of cognitive services, allowing customers to benefit of machine learning advantages and new intelligent functions, such as facial recognition, speech translation, dynamic subtitle creation and many others.

    Algorithms to process images help you to automatically manage content and to create customised applications and video services thanks to the ability to generate detailed information from faces, images and emotions.

    Facial recognition

    Human faces detection in video content, using face and facial characteristic frames. Among them, behaviours and predictions of facial attributes based on Machine Learning.

    For example, identification and recognition to know if two different faces belong to the same person through a reliability score. It can identify a specific person based on personal data and face information provided by the user.

    Emotions recognition

    Emotion and moods recognition of users, identify feelings and interact in a personal way (e.g: digital signage applications). Examining facial expression, eclexia package can recognise joy, neutrality, sadness, condemnation, angry, disgust, fear and surprise. Artificial intelligence algorithms recognise these feelings based on universal facial expression that are cross-cultural.

    Machine vision

    It is the package that can extrapolate deep information from video content, ranking and elaborating visual data. It allows to protect users from undesired content.

    For example, images analysis, creating a preview, reading the Text represented into the content, recognise a given person.

    Content moderator

    An automatic moderation of images, Texts and videos throughout content moderator eclexia package, based on smart automatic learning, excludes offensive content in images, texts and videos on several platforms. It includes human review tools for non-distinct cases.